Canada's Democracy Week: September 15–21, 2017

Canada's Democracy Week is an annual Elections Canada initiative, inspired by the United Nations' International Day of Democracy (September 15).

This year, the theme is Democracy Face to Face.

Young Canadians will be encouraged to start their own conversations, get curious and ask questions about democracy. Elections Canada is launching new teaching tools and activities, plus one national youth event, to give young people an opportunity to get face to face with democracy.

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Did you know?

In 2015, youth voted in numbers that haven't been seen in decades—1.7 million young people showed up to the polls. That's the size of a large Canadian city!

There's still work to do

Despite the dramatic increase in the youth vote, the under-25 group still voted less than the rest of the population in the last election. Teachers can play an important role in engaging their students in the electoral process.

Preparing future voters

Hands-on, interactive classroom activities are one of the best ways to engage future voters. Take a look at the free resources from Elections Canada, and order online at the Teachers' Corner.

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