National Youth Challenge 2012 Winners

Special congratulations to all our winners and runners-up this year. Our judges did not have an easy decision. Your creative and insightful answers to "What are you doing for your democracy?" have impressed us all.

Thank you to everyone who participated; we look forward to what you come up with in 2013.

Category – Blog Post

Winner – Samantha Aylward, 28, Fort McMurray, AB
Prize – A two-day civic education trip for two to Ottawa, Ontario, sponsored by the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians

How Democracy Works for You – Student Vote Week

"I am ensuring that the importance of participating in our government and valuing our democracy is a fundamental part of the growing process in my school. I am making sure that students, who will be voting in the future, understand the importance of being a part of the process. I am giving representatives the chance to showcase what they do for the public. I am showing students the difference they can make by participating in government. I am promoting democracy to the students of my community who will be future voters, candidates, and supporters of parties." Read more

Runner-up – Cara Des Granges, 20, Edmonton, AB
Prize – Acer Aspire One netbook

Musings of this Democratically-Minded Blogger

"The ways one can contribute to their democracy are endless and range in level of commitment. It can be as simple and valuable as voting in elections every few years and as frustrating and rewarding as volunteering or working for a cause you believe in. I became aware of my ability to participate in my democracy in my mid-teens where I, against all odds (what a political scientist would refer to as politically apathetic parents), grew fascinated by the role politics had in my life." Read more

Category – Image

Winner – Anna Christine Toth, 18, Richmond, BC
Prize – Canon Rebel DSLR camera

Each, with their Right to Contribute a Piece

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Runner-up – Jan Duran, 17, Windsor, ON
Prize – 32 GB Apple iPod touch

Democracy to an Average Man

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Category – Video

Winner – Cameron Gilbert, 16, North Vancouver, BC
Prize – 32 GB Apple iPad with smart cover

What are you doing for your democracy? Different ways to affect government.

Video Link


Runner-up – Alana Couvrette, 17, Ottawa, ON
Prize – Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook

Youth and Democracy

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Category – Tweets

Winner – Aliya Jiwa, 25, Burnaby, BC
Prize – $100 Chapters Indigo gift card

I spent my Fall helping Rock the Vote (US) register & turnout a million new voters so I could apply their proven techniques in Canada #demcda

Winner – Stephen Gary Jordan, 15, Peterborough, ON
Prize – $100 Chapters Indigo gift card

Tweet: Democracy is, slow and inefficient, but in due time, the voice of the people will be heard and their latent wisdom will prevail #demcda

Winner – Julie Labelle-Morrissette, 24, Cantley, QC
Prize – $100 Chapters Indigo gift card

Tweet: (Submitted in French)
Young professionals, let's contribute to #demcda in various ways: voting, volunteering and choosing a job that promotes our values! My choice:)

Winner – Andrew LaFrance, 28, Victoria, BC
Prize – $100 Chapters Indigo gift card

Just voted in Victoria's Federal By-Election. Make your voice heard! For more details see #demcda

Winner – Michelle Silva-Loos, 29, London, ON
Prize – $100 Chapters Indigo gift card

Democracy is about US, by US, for US. May we never forget the 'demos' in democracy. #demcda

Link to Elections Canada