I am writing this letter to everyone who will vote in the future.

It's really important to vote.

There are hundreds of reasons, but this is what convinced me.

As we know, the results of a vote depend entirely on who participates.

So, only those who vote will be heard.

It's one of the best ways to send a message to the government.

And the more people who vote equals the stronger the message.

When you vote, you impact your community.

Whether it's about a pool at the community centre or building a school.

Also, it affects everything.

The person elected is responsible for changing politics for the better and for you.

Their job is to make the city, the province, the country, even the planet a better place.

In elections, we elect someone who will represent us.

They must convey our needs.

This person will ensure that our voice is heard.

But if we don't vote, how can that person do their job?

I truly believe in the power of a single person, an opinion and a voice.

I want to hear yours.

You can make a difference.

Vote. It's important.

Link to Elections Canada