Hey, Beavis...


I'm gonna go vote. Wanna come with me today?

Nah, man. Voting's not really my thang.

You get to choose who runs the government.

What's better than that?

I ain't get to choose it.

Millions of other people are voting too, eh?

Well, if everyone thought like you, then our voter turnout would be extremely low.

It means that the elections are not a fair representation of the whole population.

Gasp! Really?

Yeah! And Canada's a democratic government.

Therefore, everyone gets the right to vote.

But what's a right?

Right is a freedom that is protected under the law.

So cool.

But you know what, Beavis? Not everyone gets this freedom.

Isn't it, like, protected under the law?

Yeah! But not all governments are equal.


The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects

our right to vote.

I'm gonna tell all my friends to vote.

Good idea!

I'm gonna call Gerald first.


Gerald, are you voting today?

I don't know how...

Just go to the polls. They can help you there.

Well good day, Beavis.

Hey, Nicole, are you gonna vote today?




Link to Elections Canada